Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Better Planning.

Happy Holidays folks. The dark times of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are upon us. If I were a bit more clever I would have better organized holiday promotions, but if you are hitting up Drive Thru rpg this weekend to take advantage of their Black Friday thru Cyber Monday promotions, please use the following affiliate links to support the show.

DriveThruRPG Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Sale.

DriveThruRPG Black Friday Thru Cyber Monday Sale on Fudge Products.

A couple of Standouts for you,

Gamemastering Secrets from Grey Ghost Games is on sale for $12.03, Its a great collection of Gamemastering advice articles.

Another Fine Mess from Grey Ghost Games is on sale for $3.35, which I’ve already reviewed on the Podcast.

Blood In Space from Epic Worlds LLC. is on sale for $2, and it looks like the entire line is on sale as well.

Psi-Punk and Monster Kart Mayhem from Accessible Games is on sale as well, and it looks like most of the Accessible Games products are also on sale.

Have a safe and happy Holiday season folks. And as opportunities permit, Go Forth and Fudge!

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