Ep. 10: Dice

Here is an episode where I wax poetic about dice. I was trying a cardioid langolier mic, I’m debating if I like the audio quality of it. I’m testing it in hopes of doing some interviews over the phone soon. In this episode I’ll talk about features of Fudge Dice, sources for these wondrous creatures, and alternatives to them. Additionally I talk a little about when not to roll them bones, and discuss the possibility of doing future liveplays to make the game more accessible.


3 thoughts on “Ep. 10: Dice

  1. Speaking of random tables:

    My kart racing board game / Fudge hybrid, Monster Kart Mayhem, uses a 9-cell random table like the one you described for Power-Ups.

    Starting at the center of the grid, roll 1dF. move your finger up for plus, down for minus, and leave it still for blank. Roll another 1dF and go right, left, or center. Where your finger lands is the result you get. I think it works really well, and the distribution is perfect.

    Psi-punk also has a random adventure seed generator, which you can find in the book or as a download through my website (linked in the show notes). It uses 2dF for both rolls and has 25 cells per chart.

    I love this method of random table generation for Fudge. It’s really fun to use in practice, and it’s fun to develop the charts.

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