Ep. 2: Damage Factors

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In this episode I cover the exciting world of Fudge Damage Factors, all the things that can affect them, and how to use them most effectively. This seems to be a very elusive part of the game for many people, and like THAC0 before it, I think its largely down to poor explanation. Its just a simple way to add up all the different weapon/gear/gift/fault/scale factors that can affect damage, and pre-calculating them to speed up play.

Also I bring up the idea of getting a new Fudge Zine up and going. If there is enough community interest I might be able to wedge such a thing in. Maybe done through the Patreon account somehow.

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6 thoughts on “Ep. 2: Damage Factors

  1. One of my pet peeves is when games are made too ‘cute’. Trying to incorporate ‘Fudge’ into everything related to, or that uses Fudge, is sometimes too much of a stretch.

    While I think ‘Fudge Factor’ is fine, things like ‘Fudgemaster’ instead of just the common Gamemaster or inserting Fudge in every title (Fudge Trek for example) can put people off.

    Fudge Trek just doesn’t sound like a serious game that you could play for more than a one-shot or two.

  2. There are only Game Masters. Even Dungeons and Dragons has a Game Master. Now in that game, yes Dungeon Master is an appropriate term because its well established. But to use that in any other game system is really just silly. So Fudge Master, Star Master, Hero Master, or any other such title is not needed or wanted. It doesn’t add anything to it and actually makes it sound stupid and what not.

    Also calling every game Fudge This or Fudge That is also not needed for the same reason. It makes it comedic and lessens the seriousness of the gaming hobby overall and definitely makes Fudge sound like something for children only. Not to be treated seriously.

  3. I’d agree, unless the game is intended to be silly. As for titles I don’t mind them so much, although truth be told I actually prefer referee to Gamemaster. Personally I think some games are really fun with the titles like mutant master in mutant future.

  4. In any RPG game I’ll probably use Game Master, or just “GM”, and Dungeon Master will be used occasionally. Since it doesn’t matter what format we us and the term “Game Master” is vague enough to work for any game system I just think I’ll stay with that.

    The fun thing with Fudge/Fate is you can have a random skill that’ll still work out once a blue moon event. You can try and get some things to work out but overall you can just make it work for your own character. You can have a random melee skill for someone who shouldn’t be close to anyone enough to use it but everyone will occasionally want to slap someone stupid.

  5. For me, either running Blood in Space or A Fudge Tale, I go by Game Master. It’s more generic that it can be used in any setting that you are playing unlike Dungeons and Dragon-esque “Dungeon Master”.

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