Ep. 0: First Episode!

Hello and welcome to Plus or Minus, the Fudge hacking podcast. In this, my very first episode of the show, I give a brief overview of Fudge, its relationship to Fate, and what I’ve gleaned of that transition from FudgeFactor. I thought it was important to cover this topic as a sort of bonus episode zero for folks coming to Fudge, Fate, or Icons late in the game so they kind of understand the relationships therein. Episodes to follow will dig into more of the mechanics of Fudge in all its varied forms.

… Did you hear me say wroten?

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5 thoughts on “Ep. 0: First Episode!

  1. I really thought that Fudge could become the ‘Lingua Franca’ of RPGs. When you know that your hero has GREAT strength that FAIR is the human normal, you can fairly easily translate that into any other game system. So, if you want to convert any game to any other game, convert your stuff to ‘Fudge’ and then to the new game. Or just convert your stuff to Fudge and send it on it’s way.

    Fudge stats showed up in a couple of strange places where it was used like this:
    The Knnuclkeduster Firearms Shop had Fudge stats for the guns and one of the Usagi Yojimbo RPG books (Monsters I think) included Fudge stats.



  2. From your main page (http://plusorminus.buzzsprout.com/), I can’t find any way to get back to (or see) these comments. I only see them when I come to this specific page.

    Obviously (with 3 posts already) I am interested in your blog. I’m definitely a Fudge fan boy (and former Fudge Factor contributor).

    1. I have it set to require approval, previous blogs have been hit with so much spam I do it reflexively at this point. Fudge is excellent for when you want to have mechanics but keep things semi-generic.

  3. Enjoyed your first podcast and looking forward to hearing more. I think your distillation of the current fudge community was well done. I’ve already gone and supported you on Patreon. Thanks so much!

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